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International Client Recoveries

500,000.00 - Auto Accident

Irish Citizens were honeymooning in Orlando and while sitting on a bus bench waiting for the bus, the driver for of a van lost control and crashed into the bus bench. The husband suffered a fractured lower leg requiring surgery to place a metal rod in his tibia. The wife suffered tissue damage to her rear thigh causing a visible deformity in the form of a lump.

Confidential Settlement

A 67 year old British citizen was injured at a Florida theme park.

As she was directed through the handicap gate by an employee, the 67 year old female Plaintiff who was in a mobility scooter, lacerated her leg when it came in contact with a razor sharp metal rod holder at the gate. The wound site became infected and required prolonged IV antibiotic treatment. The wound eventually healed and left a large permanent scar on the front of her leg.


A 42 year old Michigan resident traveled to a resort in the Caribbean Islands for a vacation. While at a resort, the client was injured while dancing in the resort's Disco. At that time, an apparatus near the dance floor fell, causing her to fall to the ground and the apparatus then fell on her ankle, causing a vertical fracture of the talar dome. The employees of the resort failed to secure the apparatus to the floor as was intended. As a result, the client immediately flew back home to Michigan for surgery and over a course of two and-half (2 ½) years, had two more surgical procedures and medical expenses totaling $ 140,000.00.

Jurisdiction was established in Florida, as the central operations for the Caribbean company was operating an office in Florida and suit was filed in Federal Court in Miami. The matter was settled at Mediation.


A 68 year old English citizen with a moderate form of Muscular Dystrophy who required the use of a mobility scooter when walking longer distances, was vacationing in Orlando, Florida, when she was struck by a rental vehicle while crossing the street in her mobility scooter. The rental vehicle was exiting a parking lot which after it exited, proceeded through a red light just in front of a parking lot exit and then struck the mobility scooter trapping the client's foot underneath. This caused a degloving injury to the left foot. As a result, the client was admitted and treated at a local hospital in the Orlando area and returned to England where she had a skin graft procedure to her left foot and subsequently developed a staff infection, which a required a prolonged stay in the hospital and intravenous infection therapy. Her medical bills for treatment in the US totaled $75,000.00.

The remaining medical expenses, including the hospital stay for treatment for the staff infection and the skin graft surgery were covered at no cost under the United Kingdom's National Health System(NHS) and were not reimbursable.

Suit was filed and the matter settled shorlty thereafter.


A 58 year old Scottish citizen vacationing in Bradenton, Florida, was injured when he was struck by a vehicle which he just exited. The client and his wife went to dinner with another couple they recently met on vacation. When they arrived at the area where the restaurant was located, the husband of the wife who drove, did not like the way his wife parked the car. After everyone exited, the husband got into the drivers seat, placed the car in gear and stepped down hard on the accelerator instead of the brake. At this same time, the Plaintiff was passing in front of the car and was struck and thrown 20 feet into a tree.

As a result, the Plaintiff landed awkwardly on his shoulder and knee requiring arthroscopic repairs. He was also rendered unconscious after his head struck the tree. Although all radiologic studies of the head were negative at the hospital immediately following the event, the appropriate experts in Neuropsychology and Neuroradiology were employed in Florida and were seen by the Plaintiff on his return to Florida for his yearly vacation. These tests and studies revealed cognitive impairments. However, the Plaintiff never treated for his cognitive deficits when he returned to the United Kingdom following the incident, or in the four years leading up to Mediation.

Most of the costs for medical treatment, including the arthroscopic surgeries on the knee and shoulder were covered under the United Kingdom's National Health System and were not reimbursable. Therefore, .the medical costs were under $26,000.00

Suit was filed and the matter was settled at Mediation.


English Citizen vacationing in Key West, Florida was injured when the transportation bus she was riding in, rear ended a truck at approximately 25 mph. The client who was an unrestrained passenger, (bus not required to have seat belts) struck her head on the headrest of the seat directly in front of her. As a result, she was trasported to the Hospital by ambulance, where she reported headache, neck pain and contusion to the face. A CT Scan of the brain failed to demonstrate any hemorrhages, fractures or masses.

On her return to England three days later, she consulted with various medical professionals, including Cardiologist and a Neurologist. Her complaint consisted of loss of sense of taste and smell for 3-4 months, dizziness and post concussion like symptoms. Ultimately, she was diagnosed with reflex syncope, post traumatic headaches with migranous component and Post Concussion Syndrome.

Barry S. Friedman, Esq. was able to succesfully negotiate a settlement of the claim for the balance of the Bus' Policy Limits of $470,000.00 after apportionment of $30,000.00 for the two other passenger claims.($500,000.00 Policy Limits).


English Citizen visiting South Florida suffered a compression fracture of her lumbar vertebrae when the high speed tour boat she was riding in hit a wake in the bay which was created by the tour boat. She was hospitalized for two days where she had a Kyphoplasty procedure to repair the vertebrae.


lrish Citizen and her four children were passengers in a minivan rented and driven by her ex-boyfriend in Orlando, Florida. As the ex-boyfriend attempted to enter a four lane highway and after traveling across two lanes, he passed the median and the third lane and cut in front of an oncoming auto causing a T-bone collision. All passengers in both vehicles were taken to the hospital by ambulance. The ex-boyfriend was issued a citation by the investigating officer for turning in front of an approaching vehicle.

The Supplemental Liability Policy taken by the ex-boyfriend at the time of the rental in the amount of $1,000,000.00 was ultimately tendered to the most seriously injured child and the driver of the oncoming vehicle which T-boned the minivan. Additionally, Barry Friedman was able to obtain for the most seriously injured child, the maximum per person insurance benefit of $100,000.00 from the oncoming vehicle owners insurance policy by establishing that he was also partly responsible and could have avoided the collision had he been paying proper attention to the roadway. He was also able to secure an additional $50,000.00 from the automobile owners' insurance policy for the less seriously injured mother and the other three children.


South African Citizen was a passenger in a rental vehicle, driving on the highway in Miami, Florida, which was struck from behind as traffic began to slow. She suffered several fractures and an aggravation of a mild brain injury from a childhood automobile accident. Working with experienced associate counsel in South Africa, the appropriate medical consults were obtained to maximize her recovery. The matter was resolved shortly after suit was filed.


English Citizen was visiting the Florida Keys and arranged to rent a vacation villa in the area. She met the owner who had her Japanese Akita sitting next to her on the sidewalk in front of the villa. As the two were talking, the Akita lunged at our client biting the upper portion of her lip. She was rushed to the local hospital where she took 15 stitches and was left with a faint but permanent scar between her lip and nose. The matter was resolved for the full amount of the dog owners homeowners insurance policy.


English Citizen tripped and fell in an Orlando, Florida shopping mall parking lot, when his foot came into contact with a metal cap protruding through the asphalt parking lot in front of a restaurant, where he and his family planned to eat dinner. He suffered a fractured femur requiring surgery at a local Orlando hospital.


English Citizen visiting Orlando, Florida, tripped and fell at an Orlando theme park. The park was crowded forcing the client to the edgeof the walkway where she stepped on an unnoticeable reaised rounded edge of the walkway, which was the samecolor and texture as the flat portion of the walkway creating the illusion of a flat pathway which was also obstructed by the crowd. When the client stepped on the rounded curb, she suffered an ankle fracture requiring a surgery.


Australian Citizen tripped and fell over a raised sliding glass door threshold at a villa she had rented in Orlando, Florida which was in excess of the local allowable standards, causing her to suffer a fractured wrist. Suit was filed against the homeowner, the building contractor, the sliding door company, and the concrete companywho laid the concrete for the sliding door company. The matter was settled shortly after the suit was filed.


Spanish Citizen residing in the UK, was walking along the sidewalk just outside a local Orlando, Florida area shopping center, when she tripped and fell over a raised portion of the sidewalk/slab bordering the roadway. The fall occured at night and the area was poorly lit limiting the clients ability to see the defect. Fortunately, it was discovered that the sidewalk was owned by the shopping plaza owner and not the local governmental agency and pursuant a Lease Agreement between a restaurant tenant and the shopping plaza owner, the sidewalk was required to be maintained by the restaurant tenant in the strip center. The client suffered a fractured wrist and a dislocated shoulder.


A 71 year old Turkish Citizen was injured, when the vehicle in which she was a passenger, violated the right of way of an incoming vehicle. She suffered a fractured finger and wrist requiring internal fixation with wire. This matter was resolved shortly before Trial.


A 63 year old British Citizen was injured on a Florida theme park ride. The ride caused a rotator cuff tear resulting in an arthroscopic repair of his shoulder.


Irish Citizen - Near drowning in pool. Psychological injuries only.


English Citizen - Toddler suffered burns from hot tea in self service restaurant. The mother placed the cup of tea on the table. The toddler who was in a stroller next to his older sister, reached up and grabbed the cup of hot tea when his mother left the table to heat food in the microwave a few steps away.

Confidential Settlement

Dutch Citizen - Jet Ski accident in the Caribbean. Group instructor failed to properly instruct riders and surf conditions were too rough, resulting in a fractured pelvis.


British Citizen - 34 year old woman tripped and fell at a Florida Theme Park and injured her arm. She required surgery and had $50,000 in medical expenses.

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