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US Clients Recoveries


A male client who patronized a South Florida Nightclub, fell exiting a short flight of stairs into the Champagne Room. As a result, the client ruptured his triceps tendon requiring surgical repair.

The club refused to allow a pre-suit inspection of the stairs which Complaint alleged was upon information and belief, in violation of the local building codes.


Automobile Collision

32 year old woman was struck on the rear drivers side when another vehicle merged inro her lane of traffic. She suffered an injury to her back requiring a lower lumbar disectomy and fusion. The case was settled 2 weeks before trial.

Confidential Settlement

Medical Malpractice

Wrongful Death of an 81 Year old man survived by a wife and an adult child while undergoing a routine medical procedure.


34 year old Florida Resident was driving a pickup truck in Broward County. The single lane in which our client was traveling merged with another lane of travel to her left. The other lane of traffic to her left had a yield sign and the vehicle to her left failed to yield to her pickup truck on the right, striking the drivers side rear of our client's vehicle with the front passenger side of his vehicle. The resulting damage was less than $2,000.00. Following the accident, the client complained of low back pain resulting in two years of treatment and a single level discectomy and fusion in her low back. Our client admitted she was not wearing her seatbelt and the defendant claimed that these injuries could not have occurred from this collision and if they did, it was the result of our client's failure to use an available seatbelt. Additionally, the defendant refused to admit fault and claimed our client must have been speeding, as he never saw her until the collision.


Auto Accident

67 yr old widow was t-boned at an intersection in Broward County. She suffered a knee and shoulder injury requiring arthroscopic surgical repair and a closed head injury. Her medical bills were in excess of $75,000.00.


A 42 year old Michigan resident traveled to a resort in the Caribbean Islands for a vacation. While at a resort, the client was injured while dancing in the resort's Disco. At that time, an apparatus near the dance floor fell, causing her to fall to the ground and the apparatus then fell on her ankle, causing a vertical fracture of the talar dome. The employees of the resort failed to secure the apparatus to the floor as was intended. As a result, the client immediately flew back home to Michigan for surgery and over a course of two and-half (2 ½) years, had two more surgical procedures and medical expenses totaling $140,000.00. Jurisdiction was established in Florida, as the central operations for the Caribbean company was operating an office in Florida and suit was filed in Federal Court in Miami. The matter was settled at Mediation.


A 42 year old housewife received 2° burns on her right buttocks and portions of the back of her right leg. The client's areas of injury ultimately healed well, leaving areas of hypopigmentation (light spots) on her right thigh and calf, when her dress caught fire while walking down a public boardwalk behind a restaurant. The main Defendant was a fire performance company who was hired by the restaurant to perform a fire show for its Patrons seated on the rear patio. During the course of the performance, the performers left the performance area moved a lit cauldron to the edge of the boardwalk and the owner of the company asked a friend to stand guard over the small low lying cauldron placed on the edge of the boardwalk and used to light its performance equipment. The cauldron was not properly guarded to prevent pedestrians from coming into contact with the lit cauldron and while the Plaintiff and her husband were walking down the boardwalk, a breeze caused the Plaintiff's dress to come in contact with the lit cauldron and her dress caught fire. The Plaintiff was treated in the emergency room, then released and was followed by a Plastic Surgeon for debridements and wound care. Her total medical expenses were approximately $7,800.00. The matter which was litigated for more than two years settled three weeks before Trial.

$4.8 Million

Medical malpractice/Failure to test for Phenylketonuria. A Florida hospital failed to perform the state required test for PKU at birth of a female infant. The test results were never recorded in the patient's record and it was not until the patients sister was born 6 years later who tested positive for PKU that the parents had any idea as to why their daughter was mentally retarded. At that time the parents advised the sister's physician that they had a mentally retarded sibling with an IQ of 56. Testing was ordered which was positive for PKU. An investigation conducted at the request of the Chief physician at the hospital revealed that the PKU test was never performed which if performed would have allowed for appropriate medical treatment preventing the retardation.

$1.2 Million

Medical Malpractice. A 49 year old female had been diagnosed with a herniated disc at L4-L5. Her physician performed a laminectomy to relieve her back pain. She continued to complain of back pain. A second mylogram performed by her physician revealed the herniated L4-L5 herniation with post operative fibrosis. A chemonucleolysis procedure was performed whereby Chymopapain was to be injected into the disc to relieve the complained of back pain. However, the radiographs revealed that the needle penetrated the thecal sac in the spine instead of the disc. The physician tendered his million dollar policy of insurance at mediation. Subsequently, the Chymopapain manufacturer paid an additional $200,000.

$1.2 Million

Lineman hired by FPL was hired to replace a part on its power lines. FPL failed to de-energize the lines where this independent contractor was working, resulting in the loss of his arm from the elbow down.


Owner of a drycleaning store suffered multiple herniations when a 200lb watertank which was supended from the ceiling fell onto the back of his neck while he was working. The water tank along with the washer and dryer was installed by the distributer of the equipment. The distributer did not have the required contracting license to install the equipment including the water tank which was negligently suspended from the 15ft ceiling above a work area. The distributer denied that they installed any of the equipment. In addition to filing suit a complaint to the State licensing board was made for performing contracting work without a license. The case was settled shortly before trial and not long after the case was settled the State licensing board who investigated the complaint found the distributer guilty of performing contracting work without a license.


(Auto Accident) - 77 year old Delray Beach resident and his wife (67) were stopped for a light at an exit ramp off l-95. Another vehicle which just exited off l-95 traveling at a high rate of speed, attempted to pass their vehicle, striking the rear passenger tire and traveled alongside the length of their car. The vehicle which the clients were driving was a new vehicle and as a result of this collision was rendered a total loss. The wife suffered minor neck and back injuries and husband suffered an aggravtion of a prior shoulder injury previously repaired surgically which now required another shoulder surgery. The $100,000.00 Policy Limits for the at fault driver were tendered by the Insurance Company for the husband, and the husband's UM carrier paid an additional $85,000.00 to settle his claim. The wife's claim was settled for $15,000.00.


Trip and fall over raised concrete driveway at a residence. Plaintiff was walking down the driveway towards the street, when her heel lodged into a chipped portion of the raised driveway causing her to lose her balance, due to the 1 1/2" drop down. She suffered a broken wrist requiring a single surgery.


Auto accident. Plaintiffs' vehicle was struck head on to the left, by the Defendant. Plaintiff's late model Hyundai was totaled. She suffered a meniscal tear in her knee, requiring arthroscopic repair and a disc herniation in her neck. No neck surgery was ever performed.


Slip and Fall in fast food Restaurant. Client suffered a femure fracture requiring a partial hip replacement.


Client's car caught fire as a result of a faulty repair at a mechanic shop. The fire caused the client to pull off the road crashing into the curb. He exited the car just before it became engulfed in flames. Psychological injuries only.


24 year old woman was rear ended at approximately 20 m.p.h.. She suffered soft tissue injuries to her upper body.

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